Dataport, RequestForm and DataItems

Hi there, designing a Dataport I have multiple Dataitems. However, I only want the filters tab to be display for one of them (the others depend on this filter). Can anybd. tell me how I can prevent the RequestForm to show a single tab for each DataItem of the Dataport? So far I haven’t found any property that does this job. Thanks, Sven

By sorting the dataitem (using tableview property).

I’m sure there’s a better answer. But this works. Select the dataitem that you don’t want to display. For the property dataitem table view, add a key and an order. The tab in the request form will not be displayed. It only make sense to have a sort for a dataport which exports data.

What do you mean there’s a better answer? That’s the way you do it, what’s wrong with that? :slight_smile:

hi, If this is a better answer, plz tell the other methods you use. Harikesh

Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. Sven