Dataport Request form

I want to design dataport and add some customization on its request window. But doing that dataport’s import and export window disappears, thus i lose the dataport’s file selection and import/export options, my question is how can i retain these options and add some control on my own too.

If this is not possible then, what is simple way to add the file selection and import/export option on my own on the request form of the dataport. Please help thank you.

If you in your request-window
-create a text-box
-change the box’s property ID to 1 (!!)
-set the box’s property AssistEdit to Yes (!!)

… you’ll be able to open the Open/Save-windows

Funny I had to do the exact same thing today [:D] What Anfinnur forgot to mention is that you also need to set the SourceExpr of the textbox to a new text variable, and to add some code to OnPreDataport to set the CurrDataport.FileName property to the value of the textbox.

I found a complete tutorial on mibuso:

Sorry - I’ve done this several times so I took it for granted with SourceExpression, text-variable and stuff [H]

Have a nice weekend!

I know it had been years since I had done this, so I had to search for the how-to myself [:D] you have a good weekend too