Dataport not importing some data having (")quotes correctly.

I am import a ; csv file, when importing the records some records with " are not imported correct.

Four Field in data port importing in to my customized table.

Location, Item, Unit of Measure, Quantity.


If my location and item are available the data needs to be imported else log will be written.

When i am importing the above records first two records are imported correctly and not the 3rd one.

When i debug the code the data for location is showing as



and because of it the location.get code does not get any record and error log is written.

The data is correct in the filed, there are no space its just when importing happening.

FieldStartDelimiter <">

FieldEndDelimiter <">

FieldSeparator ;

2047.Capture1.PNG3566.Capture.PNGScreen Shot.

I suggest to check the file used for import with a text editor to check for any non-printable characters that can cause this problem.

I opened the file in note pad and did not find any thing neither a space.

Looks like some issue with the dataport for quotes ("), as many posts do not refer to use this.

I achieve this by using a codeunit and reading the file in there.

Thanks for the help Daniele Rebussi