Dataport import XML

How can I import XML in 3 DataItem tables(2 are indented)? How can I work with XML if I have attributes in some nodes?

I think you, can’t import XML data file with Navision Dataport. But you can use MSXMLDOM - COM object and parse input XML document by yourself. By, Stane.

It seems that we’ll have to wait for 4.0 if we want to use XML dataports. You’ll probably be interested by this review by Patrick Paludan-Mueller and Jens-Ole Taisbaek on the 3.70 release:


… From a developers point of view one of the biggest news will be the XMLPorts. This new object type is made especially to handle import and export of XML documents. Everyone who have tried to work with this in Navision today know that this is NOT an easy task and that it requires much custom programming to handle each new document properly. The XMLPorts was orginally scheduled to have become part of 3.70 but at some point Microsoft took it out and back into development. So I just cross my fingers that it will be there for version 4.00. …