Dataport Header Columns Title

Is ist possible in a dataPort, export data and in the same time export with columns names?


How can I do that?


Did you see the Mibuso link?

It’s pretty self explanitory.

You add an Integer dataitem above your main dataitem.
setting the property DataTableView to: SORTING(Number) WHERE(Number=CONST(1)).
In the dataport Field list for the DataItem Integer you can either type in the names your would like the headers to be or use field caption to get the actual names.

Thanks for the solution.

But in the Colums Line , I want only the columns names. In TXT file, the last 2 fileds on the first line are the 2 first fields of my records. How can I separate the columns lines from the rest of the lines^?


You mean your dataitem values are showing immediatly after the column names?

what did you have in DataItemSeparator property of dataport…


In DataItemSeparator property I have ;


Did you try changing it to ?