Dataport for bin table

HI Guys,

Please help me.I am creating a dataport for bin table.the fields in the file are bin code,zone code,desc.

Loctaion is fixed.SImple dataport.Whn trying to import from csv file it throws an error as Field cannot be empty.

I searched mibuso & used the soultions but in vain.I craeted global variables but no solution.The error is field cannot be empty.Please help.None of the mibuso solutons helped me

It seems you are not validating fields …

check if all primary key fields of table bin are filled when importing.

Thanks Jonathan & Amol.It seems i was importing the wrong file.But error was confusing.I had speciifed all the pk fields.Only mistake i did was the code was not unique in file.It should have thrown error as values exists but it throw ed error as specify a value.

I could finally import through the dataport.thanks for the reply