DataPort Automation

I have Xmlport Automated like it is looking in to DB one table where it is look for record and import it and update status in same table. but only problem with xmlport i have is it is taking 1 hr to import 33000 records. and when i am importing same thning with dataport it is taking only 5 min. but my only problem is how to automate that process so by which it will look in to sql table and import from there and update status for that record sucess or failure and so on every day process.

So please guide me how to automate dataport like that.

You can use web services to automate the upload of data without XML port or Dataport.

can you show me an example if you have any.


It XMLPORT is scheduled ??

Using MSMQ doing XMLImport and updating db for sucess or failure msg but it is slower it take 1 hr for 30000 rec and dataport taking only 5 min to import how can i use dataport very effectivly in daily data import