DataItem Doesnt Exist

Hi All

Can please help me ? I am getting an Error in Navision while i try to print …which triggers an Error that says the report doesn’t have DataItem that uses table…specified in the function SetTableView. Do you have any suggestion or how to fix the problem. And Where can I find the SetTableView FUNCTION.


Which version are you using?

Do you know the ID of report which you are printing?

then go to the report and open in design mode.

Check the Dataitems…do they have proper name or something like tableXXX.

if you have tableXXX then XXX table is not existing in your database.

if they all have proper name then select each dataitem and click View–>Properies

here you can see the DataItemView Property

Hi Aron,

This error occurs when you’re trying to call a report with a wrong table in the filter.

When you are make a call to a report, in example from a form/page, then you are able to use SETTABLEVIEW to filter the report with the value from the record. For example you can filter on the item you’re currently on using the SETTABLEVIEW. But if the report you’re calling doesn’t have Item as a DataItem, then you will get the above error.

So in order to find the error here, then you need to check very the report is called from and the code used to call it.


thank you Mohana & Ernst for your support in resolving the problem.