Dataflows - accounts and contacts

Hey everyone,

I’ve made a Power Platform dataflow that takes data from csv files and populates the contact and account entities inside Dataverse. Everything works fine, with the exception of linking the contact to an account. There’s no field available in dataflow to map the contact to a particular account. As a workaround, I added a manual relationship between contact and account in the Power Platform admin center, but this doesn’t work quite right and then the relations are in the wrong place for the standard accounts and contacts forms.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Hey Jake, in order to set a lookup column you must first create an alternate key on that related table. Basically, the dataflow needs to know which column(s) you will provide to uniquely identify the proper Account. If the primary name on the Accounts table establishes the unique row, then create an alternate key as such. Then you’ll be able to set that lookup column within the dataflow.

i’ll certainly try this out, Chad.