Database Size

Hi, I have one database. I haven’t run the Inventory Periodic Activities for last 6 months. If i run the periodic activites the database size is getting by 5 times, frm 300MB to 1.4GB. What coud be the reason.? If you actually see the database info, it is using only 30% of the size and rest is free. can I able to reduce the size by any…? help me. Bye Ram

The version-control (roll-back) demands space, that is for sure. And running that periodic activity first time after such a long period demands relative much space. You cannot reduce the database-file (native); only way is to make a [Tools]backup of everything, create a new database with a “suitable” size and then restore. But then again - the import itself also demands database-space… Advice: Run “Inventory Periodic…” at least once a week! Not only because of the db-size, but also because of your [customers] company!

In any case you should expand the database out to 2 Gb.