Database size problem

Hi all, After a week of normal usage of Axapta I already have a SQL2K database of +/- 500 MB. I am the only person using this database. I added the demonstration data & made some exercises. Can anybody give some feedback on this problem ? Greetz Wim

Did you run the cross reference of objects (or whatever it’s called). That will create lots of data in your DB.

That’s right. When you are completing the installation checklist and you update the cross reference for objects, this will make your DB grow fast. Our DB on which we did this aswell is now about 800MB. After this initial explosive growth, the growth will not be very much (ours is stable now for about a month, with 2 users busy in the DB).

hi can some one tell me what cross-reference does exactly and why it is linked to database size. thanks & regards vaibhav pednekar

From the Developers Guide: -------------------- The Axapta cross-reference system was designed to improve your overview of application objects. The cross-reference system can answer questions like 1. Where is a field accessed (read/written)? 2. Where is a method activated from? 3. What are the type names used in the system? 4. What are the variable names used in the system? Cross-references are based on what happens in the X++ code, on labels, and on information in the property sheets. The latter comprises information about the use of tables, fields, indexes, Extended Data Types and Base Enums. To be able to use cross-references you must make the system generate the necessary information first. -------------------- When you perform the update of the cross-reference and choose the method “Update All”, this will take a lot of time since the entier application has to be recompiled. About 500.000 records are updated in the database (according to the Developers Guide).

Thanks for that regards vaibhav