Database Server "You have not selected a database"

I have just installed Navision 4.00 Database Server on a Server 2003 SBS machine and created two databases called Live and Test. I then installed the Navision 4.00 client on 10 PCs including the Server 2003 SBS machine. I created desktop icons to open these test and live databases using the following string:- Target: \SERVER1\Client\fin.exe NETTYPE=tcp, servername=LIVE Start in: \SERVER1\Client\ and Target: \SERVER1\Client\fin.exe NETTYPE=tcp, servername=TEST Start in: \SERVER1\Client\ When I tested these icons using Database Authentication the Live database opened on every machine, but when I tested the Test database only half the PCs would open the database, the others gave the error message: “You have not selected a database” I check and re-checked the typing and spelling and this did not help, I created them all the same way. Also, every PC was XP and had SP2 installed, and I have installed Navision with Hotfix1. Windows Authentication does not work at all and gives a whole series of errors. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi I think that you need to specify a different zup file name for each desktop icon. You do this by adding id=live or id=test in the target clause. eg \SERVER\Client\fin.exe id=live … The zup file stores all user settings for a client, last database / company opened, last records looked at, form settings, filters etc etc.

It’s best to use %USERNAME% in the id field like this: id=%USERNAME% You could also use this: id=live_%USERNAME% Without %USERNAME%, users could erase each other settings in a multiuser environment like a Terminal Server. The ZUP file contains Form/Field layout, etc. It also includes previously opened Companies/Databases in the File menu. One thing I strongly recommend with the test server is to rename the company to “TEST**********”, otherwise when you look at the file menu, you would see the company name listed twice. If the user clicked on the second one, he or she will be working on the test database, even though he started Navision with the Live shortcut. People tend do this when they close the Main Menu form. While there is a button to the upper right to reshow it, most users don’t know about it or forgot the instructions. The drawback of renaming the company like this is that you have to remember to rename it each time you copy the database. If you forget, that’s a big problem. There are better ways to make the users aware that they are working on a test database, like making the backcolor of the Main Menu different for the test database. You only need the Form & Reports Designer granule to do it as discussed in the following topic:

Thanks David and Naji for your help I will try both of your suggestions and let you know how I go, I had run out of ideas on a solution. Regards Matthew

Unfortunately this did not resolve the problem but is a far better way of configuring the client, I am at a total loss why I can get half of the clients connecting and not the other half when setting them ALL up the same way, is it something specific to the client pc???.

Do you have the “Update 1” for 4.0. There were many database opening issues fixed after the 4.0 release.

I wonder if this could be a permissions problem. If you created a desktop icon as administrator and then moved / copied it to another client and then accessed the new client and icon but not logged on as administrator? I have found this to be a problem in 3.6 and 3.7. I had to create the icon afresh on each client to get it to work satisfactorily. Just a suggestion.

Not sure if this helps but… If you install 2 or more Navision Database Services on any PC/Server then you must make an entry into HOSTS and SERVICES files for the additional service(s). There is no need to do this for the first service installed. eg. HOSTS NAVTEST SERVICES NAVTEST 20000/tcp These 2 files must then be copied to the any client wishing to make a connection to the additional service(s). This is not necessary for SQL versions of Navision.

Hi Matthew, Did you install 2 servers (Live and Test) or 2 databases for one server? If 2 servers then see the comments about hosts and services. If 2 databases then you cannot run 2 databases at the same time from 1 Navision server and hence the need to install 2 servers! BTW there is also the option in the command parameters to specifify the database name. Good luck.