Database security vs Active Directory Security in NAV 3.70

I have a quick question about security in Navision. Our current Navision system is using Database security and we are looking at implementing an add on to handle requisitions however this is currently coded for Active Directory Security. As a business we are currently in the process of implementing an Active Directory and Sharepoint. I was wondering if it was possible to swap the security on Navision to Active Directory from database security and if so what type of effort and impact this would cause. We have dimensions which relate to an employees department and location in our GL so I was thinking that we might be able to get this from Active Directory. Thank in Advance. Paul.

Navision supports AD authentication without any problems. Most implementations that I know have are using mixed AD and DB authentication. You can step by step convert users in authentication method.

Since Navision supports for a developing language and AD has an API you can extract all information you want, but I don’t recommend. If every time you want to apply a filter you will load from AD you will kill Navision in performance side.

Just add information you want in use table since that table contains login (AD or DB).