Database Logins vs Windows Logins??

I’m trying to find some advantages and disadvantages for using eith Database Logins vs Windows NT Logins in Navision Financials. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Adrian

One of the basic things is that if the userlogin in Navision and Windows are different, it won’t work with Windows login. Database Login on the other hand requires the user to enter a login every time, and if it’s possible to get the same logins it’s much easier. Hope this shed a bit of light on things. Best Regards Henrik

Advantages of Win NT Login: * Password is never asked at login (could be a disadvantage, too …) * Secure validation and encryption of passwords (more secure than in Database) * passwords can be time limited in Win NT * there is a minimum password length in Win NT * In case invalid password are enteredn, the corresponding accounts will be locked out * account management is more centralized, especially when you you Active Directory. conclusion: never use Database Login (we never do), :slight_smile:

On disadvantage is that the windows login doesn’t work with C/Odbc. This requires a database login. Best regards Daniel