Database Logging Setup in AX 2009

In order to create new DB Logging Setup in AX 2009 via Admin / Setup / Database Log menu on a domain that already has DB Logging setup I’ve been told we need to delete existing entires and use the wizard to re-create existing ones plus the additonal ones required.

This surely can’t be right ? Why can this wizard not cope with creating new entires ?

I’ve even tried importing the new entries I require directly into the DATABASELOG table using the Import wizard and it creates the new DB Logging requirements in the Setup but then when I try to carry out one of these new events (ie deletion of a record from Project Quotation Header - SalesQuotationTable) the event is not tracked in the DB Logging log table - SYSDATABASELOG.

Any ideas ?

What problem do you have with the wizard? It shows me the previously configured logging and I can simply adjust it.

The problem with the Wizard was that it was not recognising existing entries so when went thro and added in new DB Logging requirements nothing happened they where not added until the existing ones had been removed thro the delete icon.

I’ve since been advised that it has been fixed by turning on a Configuration Key called “Production Series 1 / Life Science Electronic Signature”.

So now the wizard works as expected showing all existing DB Logging setup previously and allows you to add in the new requirements.