Database error

Hi all,

For the past few days a error comes while working in Navision 5.0 (SP1), I would like your valuable suggestion regarding the same :–

“There is a corrupted area in the database. This type of error occurs if the database file is changed by another programs or if the device driver does not function correctly”

Warning ! This error MUST be corrected before you can continue. Do Not use any type of disk utilities on the database.

Fist check the database by clicking File,Database, Test and then click Maximum. If you still get the same error, you should :–

1. Make a backup of the database by copying the database file(s).

2. Use the built in function to make a backup.

3. If this works, create a new database WITHOUT deleting the database that contains the error(s). Restore the backup (made with the built in backup function) into the new database and test it by clicking File, Database, Test and then clicking Maximum

If this procedures does not work, any changes to the database after the most recent backup will be lost. Restore the most recent backup (made with the built-in backup function) and test it,

For security reason , you should save the old database until you have used the new one for a period of time.

Please guide me

Hi stelco,

Your database is corrupt!

But you wrote the exact guide above. If you have tried that and it doesn’t work, then let us know.

Almost nothing will work except restore database from last backup.

Is it a SQL database? What table is the error in?