Data Upgrade NAV 2009 to 2016


I am working in NAV 2009 to 2016 upgrade project, I have completed the Code upgrade part from NAV 2009 to 2016, Now i am doing Data upgrade from NAV 2009 to NAV 2015, i have completed the first step (Upgrade601800.[Country].1.fob) and after synchronizing tables in NAV 2015 i need to import NAV 2015 objects,

I don’t have code upgrade of NAV 2015 objects I have only NAV 2016 code upgrade objects. NAV 2015 not allowing me to import NAV 2016 objects.

Do i have to do the code upgrade for NAV 2015 again or is there any other ways to skip to step. kindly advice.


Shyam Kumar N

For intermediate upgrade part you only need tables to be merged or being specific you just need to -

Merge table fields (new Fields and changed field).
New Tables.
Thats it. Let me know if any doubts.

Thanks for your reply Saurav, I will merge table fields and create new tables in NAV 2015,

so if we import only tables objects in NAV 2015 can we able to sync. schema and compile the table object. just for clarification am asking.

Can i able to do the below steps without any issues.

  1. Import all new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 objects (use the Replace All action on the Import Worksheet, and then set the Synchronize Schema option to Later).
  2. Import Upgrade601800.[Country].fob.
  3. Compile the tables which are not already compiled (set Synchronize Schema option to Later).
  4. Synchronize all tables from the Tools menu by selecting Sync. Schema for All Tables, then With Validation.
  5. Make a full SQL backup of the database
  6. Run the data upgrade process from the Tools menu by selecting Data Upgrade, and then Start.
  7. Delete obsolete tables and upgrade toolkit objects.
  8. Import updated permissions sets and permissions.
  9. Set language of the database.
  10. Import or register the control add-ins.



Yes you can do that. so the process is like -

  1. you merge these fields and add new fields in a NAV 2015 database.
  2. Export all objects (all Objects) and use them for NAV 2015 Conversion.

Reason - “Why we need table fields & new tables only”
Because you only need data to migrate which reside on tables, other objects can be standard from MS Release of NAV 2015.

Hope it make sense , let me know if any questions.

Thanks Saurav, After merging only tables we need to export all the objects(including page, codeunit) from NAV 2015 right.

The tables you are merging should be as “clean” as possible. No need to including any code that either may conflict or only exists in your NAV 2016 version. So any code that makes it not compile. The step is just to run the data upgrade script, so your customized code doesn’t need to be functional, just compilable.

Yes sir…