data transfer error

I am converting a multi-Company NAV2009 R2 database to 2013, well…attempting to!

I am using the MS object sets (.1 in 2009 and .2 in 2013) and have run the Transfer Data and Delete Objects actions in 2009, opened the db in 2013 and converted.

I’ve opened Page 104002 (Upgrade - New Version) and successfully connected to the database. However, when using the ‘Transfer Data’ action I am getting the following errors…

In one Company this error is shown…

1, Dimension Value ID must have a value in Dimension Set Entry: Dimension Set ID=0, Dimension Code=GROUP. It cannot be zero or empty.

In several other Companies this is shown…

2, This message is for C/AL programmers: A call to System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery failed with this message: There is already an object named ‘pk_dim355_id’ in the database. Could not create constraint. See previous errors.

REALLY really need some help as I’m not sure what I can do to resolve this. I have a table 355 full of dimension entries, which I could delete and I’m sure this will fix the problem, but then I won’t get any dimension conversion which isn’t acceptable.

HELP!? Brick wall

There have been hot fixes that relate to dimension issues in multi-company databases, additionally I ran into a similar issue where dimensions where orphaned in the ledger entry dimension table in NAV5 and when moving to NAV2013R2 I had to first make sure that any dimension used in any of the dimension tables did in fact have a dimension in the dimension value table before starting the transfer. I also have seen non-printable characters causing an issue from bad imports or something in the customers past, these can be found by querying the database from SQL looking for CHAR(10) and CHAR(13) ← carriage return and line feeds, there could be other non-printable characters that are in the dimension tables that could cause an issue as well, just sharing some experience.

May be this is helpful, too