Data to a Mysql database


I am in the process of transferring data and contacts onto a Mysql database.

I have had some help and am trying to get a software solution.

So main features would be to migrate large amounts of data and contacts every day. The migration would be done manually.

Thanks for the help.

Hello I think you have three ways

  1. Simpliest - to Use dataports from Navision (very slow and not real time solution)

  2. Use MySQL ODBC driver from Navision (slow too)

3 Use C/FRONT solution, in this way you will need to connect to NAV from MySQL and cpature data (speed is very close to native navision speed)


Sorry I’ve seen later that talk is about AX :frowning:

Hi Mik,

I suppose you are running SQL database as back end. If there are not too much problems like difference in data type etc, try to move data from SQL Server directly.

Otherwise you might want to consider using open source ETL products like Talend.