Data redundant VendPackingSlipTrans on Report ?

Hii Master,

This’s my Datasource relation :


This’s my Report :

This’s my code :

Heloo guys, I have a problem

In my VendPackingSlipTrans, Item id 2108 , 2111 & 2097 only have one line but if I generate my report, the report show the redundant item id & purchid.

How can i resolve this problem ?


We don’t know about your query in full? How they are joined? what data sources it has? etc…
Look at the debugger, how does the query looks like after applying all ranges?

Hello Kranthi

This’s my table relation,


But in you code i can see other tables, packing slip jour, item group tables…
Were you able to find the end query after applying all ranges?

this’s my code for Insert to table temp :


This’s my code when process :

Can you suggest, what should i do ?

Still not sure, what is your total query is?
But you can check if the data source has a new value before inserting data into temp table
if (queryRun.changed(tableNum(VendPackingSlipTrans)))

On VendPackingSlipTrans I just took the qty value. Does this create redundant data ?

And when I can use this code, is it like this?

This.InsertTmpTable(inventTable, invemtDim)

Please, correct me if i wrong?

What does that mean?


Ok, Thanks Kranthi for your advice. this code work fine.