Data Mining 3rd party Software

Has anyone successfully implemented a data mining tool integration with Navision Financials ? If you’ve could you please some details of the the implementation. ie : does the data mining application access Navision online or does it access a DatawareHouse where Navision data have been replicated ?

You should check out I have tried it on a demo database running SQL, and it worked fine. It is also possible to use C/ODBC as connection. Best of all is of course to create a datawarehouse in order not to slow the transactiondatabase when requesting analysis data. I haven’t implemented a ‘live’ system yet. This is due August/September. We have found Targit looking for business intelligence software, and found that Targit was price/performance efficient and easy to implement. Take a look at the downloadable demo. It is quite impressive. PS: I’m not receiving any commissions from Targit!

Hello, We are currently implementing a Cognos Business Intelligence solution on a Navision Financials 2.6 database. This is not really a Data Mining project but a Reporting and OLAP project. We access Navision Financials via ODBC to the live database. Advantage of the Navision Journal tables is that you already have a structure that you would typically find in a datawarehouse. Of course you need to consider performance but with the Cognos products you can limit the users from accessing the live database in number of records retrieved and in time accessed. You can also prevent users from using outer joins. Hope this helps you. Regards, Erwin Boeren.