Data Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics Nav


Can anyone help me on how to get a Data Migration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You will find this in Administration Menu->Application Setup->Company Setup->Data Migration

Here you have to slelct the Table No. let say 18 for customer & then you have to specify the Data Migration fields .

You can then Export the structure & then Import it after filling the data.

In the last you have to Apply Migration Data

hope you are looking for same thing?


Thanks Ashish,

Is there a tool one can use to directly migrate the data other than exporting and importing to and from Excel, within Navision.

Hi Dimeji,

You can also use Dataports for CSV or flat acsii files and XMLports for XML files. To link to the database directly you can use ODBC or SQL replication. Can you outline your requirements in more detail.