Data Migration - Item - Base Unit Of Measure

Hi there all. Had a search for the below but no luck.

I am using the data migration tool to import Items however I have come across a problem that seems to loop itself.

I am importing Items including the 3 Base units of measure fields (Base/Sales/Purchase).

I am aware that Table 27 (items) links to table 5404 (Item unit of measure).

Problem is that it doesnt seem possible to import one without the other - for example the item in the 5404 (Item unit of measure) has to exist before you can import the items, But you cant create the 5404 (Item unit of measure) table with no items!!

I am missing a trick here?

Any suggestions.previous experience in this area would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Skeggy,

You are right about the loop.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Import item in table 27, Only select fields “No.” & “Description”
  • The item has to exist prior to adding value to UOM’s
  1. Import Item UOM table 5404 (Select fields you want"

  2. Imort item table 27, you can then add the UOM fields.

Hope this helps, I did it about 50 times so far and it works perfectly !



You could also import all the items, all fields. But without validating the UOM-fields. And the the UOM’s. Perhaps you have to do some checks whether the UOM’s are legal - that “Base Unit of Measure Code” do have “Qty. per Unit of Measure”=1 and that the item’s UOM’s are represented in table 5404.

This is what I usually do.

I think Jacques’ method is better, and will make it so you only have valid values in the table. Personally I don’t like importing data without validating. Of course if you would also develop a process that checks the validity of the fields after importing it could be useful.