Data keeps processing but the report does not show..!!


I have created report and that time the data was showing then I added request form and setrange for date, location and product group. I am not able to see anything after this. When I preview the report it just shows a gray screen and does not show any data. It generating page 1 and mouse pointer is showing processing.

I don’t understand what is the issue. What do I do. Any help would be much appreciated…!!

Thank and regards.

Can you show us what you have written new and where?

Check your code specially for conditions you have return .

Check for loops you have used.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I have removed everything from request form and just kept location filter it is working fine so far. I will now add other filters and let you know if I have any more issues.

Thanks again.



Good to hear that you have tried and got some success.

Thank you for your support. I am able to filter with all 3 options now. I am planning to add one more filter to make it even more specific. Hope fully it will work too…:slight_smile:

Will let you know if required.




Dear Amol,

A little problem again. When I run Item Ledger Entry table I can see column name “Polyhouse Code”, however, when I try to add that into the report it does not come in the fields menu. I don’t understand this…!! I want to show Polyhouse wise consumption report.

What do I do…??



Is it a Dimension Code?

If yes, you will have it with Global Dimension X Code name

Thank you for quick reply. Yes, I think that is it and have added to report. However, it does not come in the end report as I have just added at the end of the last column. I guess it must be with width of the page. I will check settings and hope it works…!!



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