Data is Missing


I have created a Test table and than created a form for the table. Now i fill the data into the form… like 4-5 rows of test data… when i open the form or table again the data doesn’t show up…

What am i doing wrong?


Chitanya Chitturi

Did you check the table if the data is getting saved in the table??

If so, check the Form design. if you used a gridview in the form for showing the data, specify the datasource property of the gridview.

Hi Chitanya,

Check the Table Property Type : “Regular”, “Temp”, “InMemory” and try compiling the form Check the Data Source of the form and the for the grid too(Refer AnandMallavarapu7 Post) these things could be the possible reason.

Thanks Guys,

The data Source was missing on the Grid … I mean i had two data sources in the form and had the wrong data sources!