Data Import Export Framework Error- 'MainAccount should be in the first segment'

Hi All,

I’m working on bringing in opening balances using the DIEF Entity: “Opening Balance.” I have created a source document and mapped to staging…

I am successful in executing the following:

  • “Preview source file” in the Entities screen.

  • “Get staging data” and the preview within the process.

  • Validating all staging data.

When I execute the Copy data to target, all of my entries fail with the following error message:

‘MainAccount should be in the first segment’

Reviewing my file, the following is true:

  • MainAccount IS in the first segment of the full account+dimension string

  • Account combination is a valid combination set in the Account Structure

  • Source data formats are defined correctly, in the correct order.

  • Data has been reviewed for erroneous spaces, commas, irregularities in the .txt file.

  • I have attempted both Opening Balances and Ledger Balance entities resulting in the same error.

If anyone has encountered this, or has any suggestions – it would be greatly appreciated! I’m sure I’m missing something?



Quick answer: Upgrade to CU7. DIEF has undergone significant improvements.

Solution: Microsoft provided me with an XPO file that has resolved the errors described above.

The XPO file also resolves the error: “Financial dimension 0 does not exist”

If you would like a copy of this XPO, please email me at and I will be happy to provide it to you.