DATA from One form to another Form

hi all

my question is i havea a FORM-A: it have field like GroupNO in every Groupno having a different records in child table

and in From-B i enter some names it check the and From-A child records and if i enter the data in Form-B that mach the From-A child data and it gives the info dialog like (“The records or mach and no input taken”).

(in form-A every groupNO Having some records,in Form -B witch i enter the names (data) is mach the Form-A group NO records , i nee InfoBox dialog.)

plzz help mee

First of all, forget about Form-A completely; pretend it doesn’t exist at all. Think about data in database. Let’s say that Form-A has TableA as its data source and Form-B uses table B.

If you try to create a record in TableB, you want to check whether a corresponding record doesn’t already exist in TableA. If the check makes sense only in context of Form-B, it should be in validateWrite() of the data source, otherwise is should be in validateWrite() of TableA itself.

Tq Martin Dráb

giving good idea … i try on that [:)]