Data from MS silver light to Axapta web services

Hi all

I am trying to get the data from the user interface which is in the Microsoft silver light into web services of Axapta.If anybody having idea on this please suggest me.



Call the service!

Seriously, what do you ask about?

Don’t also forget to mention the version of your AX.

Thank you for your response. We are using AX 2012 and are exposing AX webservices for Silverlight 5 based application (Apps-A). We are able to expose and consume webservice in Apps-A. The problem lies into following code snippet:

- <wsdl:service name=“ServiceGroup4”>

- <wsdl:port name=“NetTcpBinding_CustQuery1Service” binding=“tns:NetTcpBinding_CustQuery1Service”>

<soap12:address location=“net.tcp://hisvalarspoc002:8201/DynamicsAx/Services/ServiceGroup4” />

- wsa10:EndpointReference







You can see that here defualt binding is binding="tns:NetTcpBinding". This is creating an issue when we consume it into Apps-A**.** Here we are interested in having binding done thru HTTP and not thru NetTCP.

We tried changing and configuring Adapter as HTTP in AX 2012 but it is not allowing / considering that change.

Please suggest a way to achieve this goal.


You should create an enhanced inbound port and configure it for using the HTTP adapter. If you did, what did exactly happen?