Data exchange between sql servers

Hello all,

I need an advise from our experienced and valuable members, we have a task to exchange data between sql servers.

  1. From server /MS SQL 2012 standard/to POS database import basic information like customer, item, sales price etc. /no updates on POS/

  2. From 4-5 POS databases /MS SQL 2012 express/ to the server database import sales header and line. /no updates on server side/

We are planning to use merge replication for this task. The question is:

  • Could MS SQL Replication is proper solution?

  • If not, what else would be?

Hi Niura,
Are you planning to do replication between your different NAV database (which version) just using the standard SQL replication?
Surely possible, and surely NOT a solution that I would recommend.
Normally this is “out-of-the-box” functionality for POS systems like LSRetail.