Data Entry in Navision (Macro in Excel)

Hi all !

Ever since I started using Navision, I have loved it except the data entry (2500+ entries in General Journal every month of non-recurring nature).

Is it possible to add those entries into a General-Journal-looking-table in Excel first, and then run the macro, which will open Navision, and select General Journal and add those entries in Navision ?

Thank you


What version you are on ?


MS Dynamics 2009.



Hi Shummas,

From a practical standpoint, it would be more efficient to create a dataport or xmlport in NAV and use that object to pull data into NAV rather than trying to build a macro to push data out of Excel into NAV.

From a logical standpoint, what is the significant gain you expect to realize by entering data into Excel as opposed to entering the same data into NAV journals?

If the entries are more or less alike (but not always identical as Recurring Journal requests) you might try to use Standard Journals functionality.

Standard Journal can be saved as “template” from any filled in General Journal for later reuse, but you have the option to edit / add / delete lines after a GJ batch is filled from saved Standard. It is possible to save as separate SJs many “chunks” of GJ lines, which can be recombined later as needed in one batch - another thing not possible when using Recurring Journals.

This is only a general info, details about Standard Journals you can get from Help and experimenting on your own.Besides, this is is the rare case when evaluating can be done in production system, as no posting or any other irreversible action is involved.