Data entity is not visible in other environments after package deployment.

Hello All,

I have created an entity in the dev environment and it was working fine there, but after moving the deployment to the test environment the entity is not showing up there.

The data management property is set to yes, also I have tried refreshing the entity list in the test environment.

Everything works fine in dev but once the deployment is done no entities are showing up in the test.

Please, anybody, suggest how to fix this.


Any suggestions?

Are data views created in the database?

[mention:64fb33d4ab384f5ebca3050a0d9ca94f:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] yes the views are created in both dev and test environments I have checked it. even though it is not visible in the Data entities list, also I have access to the Sandbox Test environment’s SQL so I have checked this.

But moving up to the further environments there will be no SQL available. My question is I can’t check the same if it comes to PROD.

So could you please suggest a way to fix this? or provide any other suggestion that could lead to a fix.

Thanks Martin.

Also for your information, I have a duplicated the GeneralJournalAccountEntry from standard and added Dimension fields like a business unit, department etc. and renamed it to be a new entity.

Hmm, did you change the label as well?

No, [mention:64fb33d4ab384f5ebca3050a0d9ca94f:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] I haven’t change the label, but I have given different names for staging table, public collection name and public entity name. Also, the data entity showed up in my local dev environment, so I thought the label won’t be the issue.

Do you want me to change the label as well?

I would indeed use a different label. It makes a good sense anyway, and I’ve seen several problems when two entities had the same label.

You can also try deleting the entity from the list of entities and running the refresh again - I’ve heard that it works. But having unique labels sounds much safer and better for UX.

Thanks, Martin, I will change the label and will let you know if that works.

Can you try to refresh the data entities ?