Data copy from company to company


Is there any way to do copying table records from one company to other company…

I need to copy custtable records from one company to another company custtable…

Thanks in advance

You can use data export/import in AX 2009.…/aa834437(v=ax.50).aspx

I exported custtable from dat company and imported in another company but the records doesn’t updated it still showing empty.

It could be an issue with the party Id. Check the below.…/how-to-import-customers-and-vendors-in-microsoft-dynamics-ax-2009

excel isn’t installed in our ax environment

How you are exporting the data?

right click export, it saved in local location as xpo…

What you are exporting and saving as xpo?

tat table wat i need to copy from one company to other company…

That will export the table ( as xpo) not the data in it. Give a try with the data export\import framework in AX 2009.…/how-to-copy-the-one-company-data-to-another

We don’t have license for data export\import framework in AX 2009.

DIXF/DMF did not exist in AX2009.
You need to use the definition groups and the DAT/DEF approach.

The following error showed up, when I tried to create a new definition group…

It looks like, your application is not properly compiled and has some compile errors.
Try compiling the BatchHeader class.

Yes its working fine now, I tried to use Definition group by the above link you provided

May I know why the excel is looking like this?