DAT Company

I was wondering the significance of the DAT company that is created on install. Can you delete this company? Can you prevent users from changing to this company or can you prevent users from changing companies at all? Any insight would be helpful, thanks!

  1. Don’t delete DAT company. Keep her clear. 2. You can determine start company for users: - in Axapta configuration utility - field Company - in user options - start company accounts - in shortcut - object … -company=dat… 3. You can determine users permissions for each company using Domain fuctionality - Administration/setup/Domains Rgds.

Hi, For understanding the significance from a functional point of view, you might want to refer document titled ‘The Light Company’ that comes along with Axapta CD. You should be able to download this document from Technet website as well. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, Dat company is reserved for common axapta information, like user groups permissions etc… You can prevent users change company via user group permissions: Drop down the top combo and select Tools and then set rights for node ‘Select company’