To all Navision Solution Centers Today, Navision Software a/s and Damgaard A/S announced that our two companies will join forces and merge into a leading provider of end-to-end, e-commerce and collaborative business solutions to mid-sized companies worldwide. NavisionDamgaard a/s NavisionDamgaard will offer partners and customers a superior combination of product lines with a differentiated positioning in the marketplace. Together with our partners, we will build aggressively on this strong foundation and expand our total customer base in the mid-market. The new NavisionDamgaard company creates a new, stronger global brand giving you enhanced visibility in the market place, and it will provide you with even more opportunities in your market. We expect you to take advantage of this new foundation to further strengthen and expand your existing Navision business. We are looking forward to continue working together with you and to have the opportunity to explain in more detail what this exciting move means to your business. Further information about NavisionDamgaard and the merger can be found at www.navision.com and www.damgaard.com. Best regards, Sandra Giddings (Product Manager) on behalf of Yash Nagpal Navision Software

The question is really: What does this mean to www.navision.net? Should we “take on” the Damgaard product and become wwww.navisiondamgaard.net? And what does it mean to our loved product? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Well me think that marketing has screwed up on this one, for those who have never heard of Damgaard or Navision, pronouncing and remembering a company name such as NavisionDamgaard would be an impossible mission. But again that might be only me … tarek_demiati@ureach.com

Marketing??? Tell that to Preben Damgaard…the co CEO. I’m sure he might have an opinion on the naming schematic. The merger was a natural thing to do. The whole goal is to continue to develop both products while focusing on integration points for the future. Much like with Financials, Distribution, and Manufacturing all getting rolled into 3.0. The next major release would probably be a Navision Solutions combining with Axapta. Rememer what the technology that Navision is getting ready to release in the near future. Commerce Gateway (BizTalk), User Portals, Commerce Portal, and the technology surrounding the Navision Application Server, all drive towards connectivity of the Navision product with other products. Its just a natural progression.

Muzzy, I totally agree. This was the best that could happen!! Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S