D365. What is a PurchID on the SalesTable?

On the SalesTable there is a field PurchID. I can’t find where it is populated. And also if it’s a link to the PO in the same legal entity or another?

When I check Relations with PurchTable on SalesTable it’s made via 2 fields InteCompanyOrder and PurchId . So it seems that this has something to do with intercompany orders .
But the same time there is another Relation: PurchTableInterCompany vai IntercompanyOrder IntercompanyCompanyId and InterCompanyPurchId. So this looks like this is a real intercompany link. But what then PurchId is doing on the SalesTable…?

There are direct delivery orders or made to order products in many business. This means that once the sales order is received from customer (Open order status in F&O), a purchase order or production order is created to fulfill the requirements of the sales order.

There is a button to create purchase order from sales order, besides the new sales order option. If a purchase order is created using this option, the reference of the purchase order is stored in the PurchId field on the sales order, as well as the reference of purchase order line is stored in the sales order lines.

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Omg. Thank you so much for the detailed reply @Krupa !!!