D365 visual studio - changes are not reflecting in D365 URL after build and sync


D365 visual studio - changes are not reflecting in d365 url after build and sync

I HAD DONE build and rebuild , but changes are appering when start object and start debug mode

But not in url . please help



Can you be a bit more concrete, please?

hi , i tried to make table property as mandatory and save , in application suite standard object , then make the form as start up object and run the debug mode , it showing the mandatory field, but when i am pasting the same url in outside , it is not showing the field mandatory.

even i write the form activated method in extension class and try to do , but not success,

i went to transport management and clicked on the load setup to generate …, remove the caching.

it is working in debug mode, but not outside

changes are not reflecting on the url. please help … wht to do

Are you on platform update 12 or lower?

are u asking abt the build version ?

i will check and confirm you

I’m asking about the platform version (i.e. not the application version). I don’t know what you mean by the built version.

Also make sure that you’ve opening the right application (URL).