D365 On Premises for Demo purpose

I would like to prepare an OnPremises Demo server from Scratch similar like Hyper V image. This is not for Customer,

In this, On Premises, I will keep all the components in one server Like Packages, DB.

I’m looking to prepare it for my own, we have Windows Server Licence and all other required hardware components.

In LCS in Analyse Phase which shows On-Premises License. Unfortunately, we don’t have a license.

Still Im looking to prepare d365 on Premises like AX 2012 R3 single box development.

Thanks in advance

The actual on-premises deployment option is intended for production use and therefore it’s not a one-box environment. It’s a completely different thing than a “single box development” environment, therefore it’s not what you want.
Installing a development environment from scratch isn’t supported. It’s not the same thing at that it’s impossible, but you would waste a lot of time (= money) to get your life much more complicated, if you succeeded at all. Simply download the VHD and use it and when you need a new version, download a new VHD. It’s trivial and it works great.