D365 BC - SMTP email account

Hi all.

Any ideas on the below? Is it because of MFA??

My email tenant and my email address allow SMTP
I have set up an SMTP email account in BC cloud and the user and password are correct
I am using the latest BC cloud version
Every time I try to use that SMTP email account in BC (send test email), I get an error:
The SMTP server rejected the authentication request, as the authentication data is incorrect. Verify that your Username and Password are correct and that the SMTP server supports the specified authentication type (Basic). SMTP error code: 535.

in the email account for SMTP:
I used “apply office 365 settings”
sender email account = specific user
authentication = basic

Are you using an App Password for your email account? That is needed if you have MFA required for your email account.

Thank you - I was able to accomplish this with my gmail account. I got the app password for that.

I will try the exchange email account later!!