Customizing Shortcut Menus in 4.0

In reading the documentation I’ve been able to get my hands on regarding creating shortcut menus in Navision 4.0, it does not appear as though the standard product allows dataports to be included on these menus. Has anyone done any integration of dataports into the Shortcuts menu of 4.0 or come up with any workarounds of any kind? Many thanks for any response. Fred

Hi Fred, I’ve just tried to send “Export contacts” (D5050) to the Shortcuts menu and it works fine! No problems with that and no workarounds needed.

Yeah, but you need to have it in any other menu already, I think what Fred ment was how to ADD new dataports which are not in any other menu ? Yes ? No ? Maybe ? If so, you have two ways: Either add it to any menu, so it will become available for adding to the shortcut menu. Go the good old “Report List” way: Create a table, holding the dataports and one or two forms to display the list. Have a “Run” button there. Just compare to the 3.70 version, any menu - the Report button on the top right edge.

You are right, Thomas - you cannot set up directly from the dataport designer, but can set it up once it has been created using the Navigation Pane Designer. Thanks for the input! Fred