Customizing 3.60 database during upgrade

hi In the Chapter 4 of upgrade Manual - Customizing the New Databse It is given that— The next stage in the upgrade process involves identifying any customization that have been made in the customer’s current database and REDESIGINIG a database in NAvision Attain 3.60 so that it can accomodate these changes. Now my question is Do i have to create all the tables that i have made specially for my client in 3.60 before upgrade, and write all the customized code in the 3.60 databse before upgrading. The manual has made me confused.[xx(] I am new to this, plz help. Sam

I agree that manual contains some mistakes but not in this case. If you read it carefully then you must notice such process as merge. This will merge your customized client database with new 3.60 standard database. You don’t need to add code or change object properties by yourself until it’s needed after merge process.

Before we go any further, Do you have a copy or access to The Developers Toolkit, as this will help you a great deal. Basically with toolkit you compare eg Customized 2.60, Std 2.60,and Std 3.60 and then merge into a Customised 3.60, That’s the theory.