Customized New Filter in the G/L balance budget apart from the default filters


Hi Team,

I am working on adding new filter to the two default filter, in which i added Global dimension 3 code and Global dimension 3 Filter in the table ID: 98 and I follow the procedure of the previous ones are done and I also added GlobalDim3Filter to page ID: 422, when i choose Admin, its expected to display the budget for Admin but the budget for all the departments.


Have you on Page 422 added some code to actual do the filtering?

SETRANGE(“Globa Dimension 1 Filter”,YourvalueInPage)?


Not quite sure how you think that adding these fields to the gl setup table would make it possible to filter on a field in the g/l budget entry table?? That’s just 2% of what yo need to do to make what you’re trying to do.

First you would need to add Dimension 3 Code into the G/L Entry Table. Currently you only have Dim 1 and Dim 2. Adding Dim 3 would require you to change the whole basic budget functionality, as well adding the dim 2 filter fields to the GL Account table (the table of page 422) where it has to be included in the filters for budget amount etc.

But still even if you get that far, then it’s not something I would recommend to do. NAV is designed with only two Global Dimensions and changing it to support 3 is not a small task.


Yes, I did.




Yes, I did

Why did you add it to table 17 G/L Entry? I thought you needed it for budget = G/L Budget Entries?

And that’s just the easy part. You also need to make sure that your G/L entries have the Dimension 3 Code values.

If you need to support dim3 in G/L entries also, then it’s a much bigger task, that not even I would consider doing.

But exactly what is it that you’re trying to do? Do you REALLY need is as Global Dim 3?

You don’t need to do all this, if all you need is to be able to filter on a third dimension, besides 1 and 2.

Sir, what can I do to achieve it.


Budget Dimension 1 Code is used as Dept Filter by default after setting up dimension setup


You really have to study/read the C/Side Development training material. There’s a chapter about how to implement Dimensions in your own tables and more. The reason for studying this material is for you to fully understand how Dimension Works in NAV.

You have to find out how Dimension Set IDs works, and by that find out that this is not that easy a task to do as it is not “just a matter of creating two new fields ands and two lines of code on a page”.

If A customer of mine ask about this, I would strongly advice against it because you are changeing the standard behaviour of NAV (as you also have to create GD 3 and GD 4 on Ledger Entries, Budget Entries and more tables).

If you want to implement GD 3 and GD 4 in nav Entirely… Then Try to run the table 2xxxxxx - Fields and filter on GD 1 or GD 2. It will give you an idea of what grounds you are about to walk on…

It would really help if your images where in a bit higher resolution. It’s impossible to see any details. Even if I wear my glasses! [emoticon:efb463669c904741ae5f6cf3b336ced6]

But I guess you need to understand how the budgeting works! In the filters you can always filter on the global dim. 1 and 2. And if you also need budget on other (non 1 and 2) dimensions, then you can use budget dimension 1 to 4 for this. So out of the box, you can show and filter on 6 different dimension codes.

There is a lot more to getting a third dimension to work. If a customer were to ask me for an estimate of having a third (or more) global dimensions into NAV, then it would be something around 150-300 hours, excl. reports etc. And it would require that you already understand how dimensions (incl. dimension set id’s - depending on which version of NAV this is about).

But just the thought about later having to convert such a customization to an AL Extension gives me nightmare. Right now you couldn’t do it in AL.

I would go very very far, to try to convince a customer who requested such a change and try to find a work around for it.

Beautiful talk. I appreciated.

Budget (113) is working fine.

G/L Balance/Budget (422) Adding Dimension Filter 3, NAV 2018