customize navigation pane of Role center in NAV2013

Hello developers,

Please help about above issue:

I want to customize menu items of role center but I cant found some new menu items in NAV 2013.



Hi Merry,

If you are looking in the Development Environment, then you will be looking for a long time. You do this from the Windows client where you right click in the navigation pane and then “Customize Navigation Pane”.

When you do it for a regular user then it only changes the menu for this user, but if you do it with the Role Centers Owner ID, then it customizes the Role Center for all users.

Thanks Erik,

It`s not only for customize navigation pane. Also I want to translate these menu items.(from English to Mongolian Cyrillic). So I need to know where these menus are?(which page)



These are available in Menusuite…

You need to check the last menusuite in 10XX series…

Thanks Mohana,

Only Department is available in Menusuite for translate. I need to translate other navigation pane except Department.



Then you should check the Role center assigned…in your case it is Account Manager Role Center Page 9001

Account Manager Activities (Page 9030) is used in above role center

I`ve already checked pages related with this role center(page 9001, 9030 and invoices, cards…). when I check, there are missing some caption. Example:please see below screenshot

there is screenshot action designer of page 9001(Accounting manager Role Center). There aren`t few caption in HomeItems Action Container.

missing caption examples are:

Purchase invoice ->Pending Approval, Approved

Sales Invoices->Pending Approval, Approved

Vendor Ledger Entries

Customer Ledger Entries etc

Hi Merry,

I understand your confusion. And since you cannot see them here, then that it’s not development but customization. The “Pending Approval” and “Approved” is also not actual pages, but “Saved Views”, which are only a special version of the page with a specific filter. They are created with the “Save view as”:


So in terms of translation, then I suggest that you use the “Save View As” and save it with a new translated name. Then remove the same views with the English text. The same with the Customer Ledger Entries etc. - remove and add them using customization.

Remember to be setup as the role center “owner”, if you want the customizations to be general for the role center as such and not only for the logged in user.

PS: Also see this link on how to configure you role center:

Thanks Erik,

It is very useful. I tried to translate their caption. But I need to switch these captions (English-Mongolian, Mongolian-English). There is no CaptionML in “Save View as” because there are not actual pages. So is it not possible to use both English and mongolian?



Hi Merry,

As far as I have found out, then there is no way to shift language in the customization/configuration of a role center. This is “normally” user specific and doesn’t need translations.

But I just checked and my theory is not correct. There got to be a way to handle multilanguage functionality here, because I have the Danish version here and if changing language code in NAV, then it also changes the names of the above saved views.

So I would rephrase the question to is multi-languge possible with saved views? Where does NAV store this information?

Hi merry ,

for me also same issue , those action filtered out with same table .

but we cant find out in action caption in page.

if u resolved this issue please help me.


I got the answer… you need to create cues in the activities page and then give multiple caption u like… only then it will come up with all the captions u want…

for example page 9060 has got the below three cues with captions defined… that is where rtc is picking ur views from

Ready to Ship

Partially Shipped


so this is the only solution create cues and give captions…



I want to remove the options in the navigation page marked in the picture above but dont want to delete the cue. I have tried by customizing navigation pane but its not getting remove. Please help How to do it ?