Customize In Every Company

Hi All,

i have several Company in dynamic ax

when i customize a form or report its ( for example add a button in the form) replace for all company

if this related to layers and license???

Companies are used as an additional field in AX database; they have nothing to do with code. There is just one definition of any AOT object, regardless how many companies you have.

You can, for example, grant access to the button in a single company only.

hi martin

we Have Multi company ,

Different products, different work flows, multiple customization, but all part of a holding

For Example when customize Production Order Details Form , its Applies to all

But I want any company can have its own customized

You can let the code behave differently depending on parameters (which can be set differently in each company).

If you want different application code, you have to use separate AX instances.

Parameterise the customization so that in each company you switch the functionality on or off (which is what Martin means by parameters - otherwise you need separate instances as he says).

I like Each Customize applied To Company’s own

Provided that the Company is unable to see Customization and Changes the other

For Example a Gird In “Sales Order” Form in Company A have 3 Field and in Other Company(B,C,…) The Standard Of Microsoft Dynamics Ax

if this related to layer’s license???
if this related To having or not having layer’s license???

Once more: you can’t have different code for different companies in the same application. The same application = the same code.

You can, though, have different run-time behavior depending on parametrization, including security setup.