customization of textbox in ax 2012

Dear folks,

I have a doubt I have created a form for triggering email with a send button with a look up features to add mulitple contacts , here my problem is that all the textboxes sizes are same say subject field needs to be big big enough to send a 3 or 4 lines of code, how to change the text box sizes (length and width ) i can see only 2 option in properties which is auto or column width how to change that

You can set numeric values to DisplayHeight/DisplayWidth and Height/Width properties. For example, try to set DisplayHeight to 4 and you’ll see. You can also set Multiline to Yes.

Thanks martin it worked out and one thing i would like to add is that even after making multi line option it was taking single line so i changed it to limit text to 400 from auto , after doing so it is taking required number of text thanks a lot martin[:)]