Customization in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Dears, Good morning All,

Please I have the following questions regarding customization on the environment.

  1. Can I Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on Cloud by addition fields and extensions?

  2. Are there limitations to customizations for Dynamics 365 Business Central on Cloud? and what are the limitations?

  3. If Customizations are possible, How do I access the extensions?

  4. What are the differences with on-premise when it comes to customization?

Will appreciate your help guys.

Adetunji - from Nigeria

One of the wonderful features of Business Central is the ability to customize the system. With the advent of BC and AL, the programming has changed, but the ability to modify remains.

  1. In order to add fields, you will need to create an extension (usually through Visual Studio) which can then be installed in BC.
  2. There some limitations, but we would need more information as to what kinds of limits you would expect to encounter. If you’re talking about adding fields and/or tables, there really isn’t much in the way of limitations.
  3. Usually, you would use Visual Studio to create and/or edit extensions. Be aware that many ISV applications will not allow you to modify their extensions. Reach out to the desired ISV solution for information on making changes. If you go to Extension Management within BC, you will see the list of extensions. Many provide the ability to download the source code so that you can review.
  4. The difference between SaaS and OnPrem is usually limited to how the extension is installed. With SaaS, you should be able to just install the .app file. With OnPrem you will need to use PowerShell scripts to install the .app extension file.

How this helps. let us know if you have further questions.