Customers Table field not showing up in data entity json response

I’ve extended the CustTable and added a column to it, synchronized the db and built the solution. I checked the table via “file browser” to be sure the new column was created and yes it was but when I hit the “/data/Customers” endpoint, I get all the default columns in CustTable but the new column I just added is left out.

How can I go about this?

It seems that you’re talking about OData in Finance and Operations, therefore I attach a version tag (D365FO) for you. Please specify the version by yourself next time.

Your assumption that adding a field to a table will automatically add it to data entities where this table is used is incorrect. You must add it to data entities and staging tables as well.

yes you’re right Martin, I’m well aware of the fact you have to add it manually to the data enitiy and the staging table. Sync db and build the project for the new changes to take effect.

However, i can’t seem to locate the data entity for CustTable. Can you please help with the name?

The technical name of Customers entity was CustCustomerEntity, but note that it doesn’t exist anymore in the latest version (maybe you’re using an older version). In’s been replaced first by Customers V2 (CustCustomerV2Entity) and then by Customers V3 (CustCustomerV3Entity) .

yes i was able to locate CustCustomerEntity from the AOT. But when i checked CustTable under the Data Sources, the i couldn’t find the new field but it still exists in my table extension and also exist when i browse the table via the file browser

I’ve looked through the AOT as well for CustCustomerV2Entity, it has CustTable as a data source. but the column is missing.

I looked for CustCustomerV3Entity data entity as well. It doesnt exist

I’ve gotten the solution after lot’s of effort. I created an extension of the CustCustomerEntity and I added a Data Source to it, then set the table of the data source as CustTable.

That sounds wrong. You shouldn’t add another CustTable datasource to CustCustomerEntity - you should use the one which is already there and merely add a field.

I added a field but it didnt work.

I extended the CustCustomerEntity and added the data source on the extension, not the CustCustomerEntity itself.

i followed hendyb’s suggestion from this link……/customizing-ax7-data-entity

You should solve the problem and not create a second CustTable datasource. You also must learn how to do it, otherwise you’ll keep repeating the same mistake. Unfortunately “it didnt work” isn’t a problem description I can help help with.

Of course we’re talking about extensions, that’s the only way these days.

ok, I followed your lead. everything’s fine now. thanks so much

That’s great! [emoticon:fbd079a1c4f748c5a234faee215de9cc]