Customer Transactions - AX 2012


Much appreciated if anyone could help with the following.

We have customers that make a payment which covers many invoices that have been sent to them. I want to know when that payment has been made in the system which invoices have been allocated to that payment.

If I go to Accounts Receivable > Common > Customers > All Customers > Select the Customer then go to the Customer Tab in the Action Pane > Click on Transactions. I then find the Voucher Number & click on the ‘History button’ which then shows all the amounts that have been settled by that payment transaction.

However, I have done a personalisation of this History screen so that the Field ‘Invoice’ is now in there. However it does not appear to bringing in any of the invoice numbers.

I know I can go to Invoice Journals & put in the Voucher Number, but this is very longwinded to find out the invoice number that was settled.

Any advice would be great or if in deed there is another way to be able to tell what invoices were settled by 1 payment.

The personalize will not help you in this case, the custTrans that is shown is related to payment which may not have the invoice nuimber.

You can use the existing report → AR → Reports → Transactions → Payment → Customer posted payment journal. (select the payment voucher in journal lines)


In closed transaction editing you can mark the payment voucher so that the system will also mark the invoices that it has been settled with.

Thank you

However, when I go to AR > Reports > Transactions > Payments I only see the following reports -

Payment Fee list

Voided payment transactions

Payment Step Process


The report will be available only for US and Canada

But you can have a developer to actually modify the History form to show the invoice besides the settled voucher


I believe we are going to get a developer to modify the History. We have already scoped this option out but was just wondering if there was another way.


We had already scoped out a developer modifying the History, but was just wondering if there would be another way without doing this