Customer Statements

Hi all, I am trying to print out a Customer Statement, where i only want to see Invoices not payments, I do not see an option to filter this when running this report?

Hi. One of the worst reports in Nav. Horrible as it shows a history of entries by default not just open. So not at all surprised there are no useful filters like document type. So we develop a bespoke customer statement report for our clients.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood something…
A statement is used to state the transactions and inform your customer in what is going on on his/hers account in your system. And inform your customer why he/she has to pay money to you. And inform that you received the customer’s payment and how you applied it. And you may also, in the statement, remind customers about overdue invoices.
Give your customer a chance to dis-agree with you, solve the problem, get your money. That’s what a Customer-statement is being used to.
The customer-statement do have one main taks: to tell a history. For that reason it cannot be horrible.