Customer "Special Price" Currency Code


This is a bit of a weird one - I have tried to search to see if anyone has had this issue before, but I can’t see anything…


Within our BC setup all our items have a price, but there’s also a trade price, wholesale price etc etc, so customers can be added to pricing groups or have their own set of prices assigned to their customer card.

The thing is, some of our “stockist” customers are not VAT registered and are perhaps small shops, I know this is irrelevant because we still charge them VAT, however when we print a price list for them they don’t want to have to calculate the VAT, so to make it easier for them we thought we could print a list including VAT.

So I used one customer as an example, we have custom fields on item cards so we can filter what products are “assigned” to what customers, basically so they don’t get 16,000 items on a price list, just the items they buy. So I pull up the customer card, go to special prices, enter the product etc, and the price, there is no option here to say whether the price is inc or exc VAT. However, when you choose the edit the page in excel, there is a column that says “price includes VAT” then the typical true or false answer.

They are all set to false, so I thought oh great, I changed them to true, hit publish, and here come the error messages.

Details: A row update in data set Sales_Prices_Excel was not published. Error message: ‘No Currency within the filter ‘’. CorrelationId: 19b8ea43-54ee-4caa-aaf0-8bf216577603.’

I don’t understand, we are in the UK so only use GBP, however GBP is not an option in BC and I know you’re not “supposed” to add an option for it as it’s the base currency.

So why is it asking for a currency all of a sudden, and how can I get round it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated !!


Actually there is a column for this field, but by default it is hidden. You can add it through the Personalize option (if You are not familiar with that, You can easily google it - how to add/remove columns).
Also there is a column - Currency Code. Might be that You are trying to import not an empty value here.

It seems like you’ve encountered an issue related to updating special prices for customers in Business Central and encountering an error message regarding currency. Let’s explore some possible solutions and considerations:

  1. Currency configuration: In Business Central, it’s important to ensure that your currency settings are correctly configured. Check if the default currency is set to GBP (British Pound) and that it is properly defined in the currency setup. Verify that the currency code and exchange rate for GBP are accurately entered.
  2. Currency filters: When updating special prices in Excel using the “price includes VAT” column, it appears that a currency filter is being applied. This filter is likely based on the currency setup in Business Central. Make sure that the currency filter in the Excel sheet is set to the appropriate currency, such as GBP, or adjust it to remove any specific currency filter if not required.
  3. Error message analysis: The error message you received indicates a problem with the data set “Sales_Prices_Excel” and specifically mentions a missing currency within the filter. Double-check the data set and verify if any currency-related fields or filters are applied that might be causing the issue. Review the data set configuration and ensure that it aligns with the currency settings in Business Central.
  4. Publish and synchronization: When updating special prices or any data in Business Central, it’s important to ensure proper synchronization and publishing. After making changes in Excel, make sure to follow the appropriate process for importing or updating the data in Business Central, ensuring that synchronization and publishing are performed correctly.
  5. Review documentation and seek assistance: Consult the official documentation provided by Microsoft for Business Central, specifically focusing on special pricing and currency-related topics. It may provide additional insights and guidelines on how to handle special prices and currency configurations. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the official support channels provided by Microsoft or consulting with a Business Central expert for further assistance.

It’s important to note that the solution may depend on your specific setup and configurations within Business Central. Therefore, it’s recommended to review the documentation and seek support from knowledgeable professionals to address this issue accurately.

I hope these suggestions help you in resolving the issue and allowing you to generate price lists that include VAT for your stockist customers.