Customer Source account access

Hello friends, I need to know how to access MBS Support Website. I had tried registering myself by providing all our firms details to “” and got below feedback. It’s a shame that this peoples are thinking only US is a world and there isn’t anything who generates revenue except US customers.

Hi Pavan, I have created a profile of yours in CustomerSource and regarding the access to CustomerSource, Currently, CustomerSource is not available for International Navision customers. I apologize for the inconvenience that this causes you and your firm! We do not have an estimated time that this access will be granted, but we are actively researching ways to make this possible. I understand that this may be very frustrating, but please work with your current partner and Microsoft resources to receive the support that you need to continue working as effectively and efficiently as possible. Thank you for your understanding. Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding the information I just provided you. Thank you John MBS Website Support.

Is there any other site where I can get newly released hotfixes downloaded from MBS site ? We spend lots of time to add newly introduced 1% SHECess into the system. Our problem is as we have procured our licenses for AX from Microsoft Singapore, Microsoft India is least bother to support us as they have loosed their revenue in the deal.

Thanks in advance

If I’m not in mistake customersource it’s starting being open to customers in non U.S. In Portugal I think this month is open to customers.

As others have already written here, MS havent changed their mind - CustomerSource will be available **next** [;)] month for nonUS customers... I periodically recieve info how very cool it will be, just wait for another **next** month. As the contents will be the same, I cant really understand the reasons of delay…

if you need hotfixes and such, they arn’t available on customer source anyways,

I get the mailing about using this valuable resource, all the time, but when I check it, service packs, hotfixes, ect have never been available.

it is alway contact your solution center.

this is in the us.

Now, partnersource is what you need. but you need to be a partner for that.